Powerful and reliable LED power supplies for LED modules, LEDStripes, LED lamps, and others. They provide high protection in case of overload, short circuit, and over voltage.

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G.O.Q. LED 100W Converter

G.O.Q. LED 100W Converter

Powerful and extremely reliable converter by G.O.Q. LED. With protection in case of short circuit, overload, and over voltage. Designed for outdoor applications.


Mean Well LPV 100-12 100W Power Supply

Mean Well LPV 100-12 100W Converter

Power converter with short circuit, over voltage and overload protections. High water protection – IP67. Suitable for outdoor LED installations where is needed constant output voltage. 2 year warranty.

SloanLED 120W 120D1 Power Supply

SloanLED Power Supply 120W 120D1

SloanLED 120W 120D1 is designed for illuminated signage. For humid and waterproof installations, with waterproof protection – IP54, as well with protection in case of a short circuit or over voltage.