3M™ MCS™ Warranty - the golden standard for 3M graphics

3M™ MCS™ Warranty is intended for complete advertisement graphics created only with 3M materials. The warranty covers all parameters – physical, manufacturer defects, defects caused during cutting or printing, etc. This is the absolute golden standard in the 3M Graphic Product warranties.

3M MCS Warranty guarantees that when a 3M product is used under the company’s written recommendations, it will be suitable for graphics and end use. All of that means that that will cover the insurance period indicated in the Product Bulletin. Only certificated distributors and manufacturers of advertisement graphics, such as Partners Ltd., can issue product quality warranty.

3M MCS Warranty
3M MCS Warranty for fineshed graphics

The only full-coverage insurance in the industry - 3M MCS Warranty

More flexibility, more options

Bear in mind that when you use products manufactured entirely with 3M components, that product is insured.

3M MCS Warranty for commercial use covers the following:

Illuminated sign T-market with 3M MCS Warranty
3M Automotive films with 3M MCS Warranty
Automotive graphics with 3М Electrocut films
Print graphics with 3M films