SloanLED Power Supply 60W 60W1

62.90 (price with VAT)

High quality power supply with protection in case of a short circuit or over voltage. Highly reliable and energy efficient, suitable for outdoor installations.


SloanLED PS 60W1 certificates

SloanLED 60W 60W1 - highly reliable

Powerful LED driver by SloanLED.

Highly reliable and energy efficient. Designed for humid and waterproof applications, with waterproof protection – IP68. With protection in case of a short circuit or over voltage. Suitable for outdoor use ( for powering LED modules and lamps, LED strips, and other lighting systems that are powered by DC voltage).

Thanks to SloanLED’s new patented technology there is a minimum risk of overload.

Main characteristics:

  • highly reliable
  • compact and energy efficient
  • waterproof protection – IP68
  • suitable for outdoor installations
  • protection in case of a short circuit
  • warranty – 2 years


Product bulletin, install guide, and product brochure of power supply SloanLED 60W 60W1.

Product bulletin

SloanLED Power Supplies Product bulletin PDF file

Install guide

SloanLED Power Supplies 60W 60W1 PDF - Install guide

Product brochure

SloanLED LEDStripe PDF Product brochure

Additional information

Input voltage

100-240 VAC

Power output

12V ~ 5.0A


50 ~ 60Hz



Dimensions (l x w x h)

264mm x 51mm x 37mm




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