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For a long period of time American company Gila Distributing had dealed with window film distribution and had gaining experienceсе at this industry. In the end of 2008 Gila Distributing is remaned to G.D.I. Tools and changed its business. The activity is manufacturing and trading tools and supplies for window film and paint protection. The President of the company was Matt Jobe who has worked in this industry since 1986. Thanks to his experience, as well as all other employees, the company quickly takes the lead in the global market.

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GDI EZ Reach Ultra GT200, GDI Tools
3M White Chizzler GT083W squeegee
GT050 Unger Pro Handle - GDI tools
GT107 6″ Triumph Scraper

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Partners Ltd. is a G.D.I. Tools distributors. They offer a wide Product range of G.D.I. Tools is used for installation of all brands window films, car wrap and paint protection films. Designed specifically for the film industry, their tools provide fast and quality installations. They are preferred by film applicators around the world.

G.D.I. Tools can be classified into the following groups: Scrapers and Blades, Handled Squeegees, Squeegee Essentials, Hard cards, Paint Protection, vinyl and graphics tools. Partners Ltd. offers tool range of the reliable brand G.D.I. Tools at competitive prices, We guarantee for their quality and originality.

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Partners Ltd. offers a wide range of instruments and accessories for perfect and bubble-free film application.