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SOTT RIGHT-OFF – Adhesive Remover

SOTT RIGHT-OFF – Adhesive Remover

Right-Off Adhesive Remover eliminates adhesive residue in just two minutes, making it the preferred cleaning solution. The product does an excellent job of removing glue, grease, tar, grease, gum, paint and more. Available in 1L and 5L sizes.

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3M Graffiti Remover System - 1l

3M Graffiti Remover System – 1L

3M Graffiti Remover System is a neutral, almost colorless liquid that does not contain aromatic hydrocarbons. The product is designed to remove the most common types of graffiti on ceramics, bricks, plaster, glass, concrete, stone, and metal.

Изопропанол - течност за почистване на повърхности

Isopropanol – liquid 2L

Recommended for cleaning surfaces prior film application. Is similar to the degreaser. Prepares the surface for smooth and perfect bubble-free film installation.