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SOTT The Finisher: Апликиране на фолио на труднодостъпни места

SOTT The Finisher

SOTT The Finisher greatly facilitates the film installation in holes, tight spaces and around complex decorative elements. This tool enables you to achieve high quality results with minimal effort.

SOTT Backing Paper Cutter - нож за рязане на фолио с или без подложка

SOTT Backing Paper Cutter

The SOTT Backing Cutter is a knife for precise backing paper cutting. You can cut the film or just the backing, while at the same time shortening the installation time dramatically.

150-100 - The Film Guider yellow

SOTT The Film Guider

Designed to press and smooth the film in those areas where fingers or larger tools are ineffective. An excellent choice for complex car shapes, windows, moldings and other narrow spaces around them.

  • Two different sizes, rounded tip.
  • Metal, chrome tips.
  • A pen-sized hexagonal shape.