GT1006 Thor’s Hammer handled squeegee

183.90 (price with VAT)

Multipurpose handled squeegee for automotive window film installations. It is used with GT117C Blue max blade for water and air bubbles removal during film application.


Durable and stable handle - GT1006 Thor's Hammer

Specially designed handled squeegee for instalation of automotive window films so that to apply with two hands. Provides a firm grip and makes the film installation easier. GT1006 Thor’s Hammer is used with GT117C Blue Max blade for maximum water removal during the car window film and paint protection film installations without air bubbles.

The handled squeegee GT1006 is recommended for flat glass applications. It can serves as glass wiper for car and home windows.

Main characteristics:

  • for stability and convenience during installation
  • for flat glass surfaces
  • for car window films and paint protection films
  • to pull out air bubbles and water during film installations
  • serves as a glass wiper
  • it is used with a replacement blade GT117C

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