Pioneers in LED technology

Founded more than half a century ago by Charles Sloan. The company has always aimed at creating innovative and high quality products. SloanLED follows its founders two main principles: 1) employ the latest technologies to develop quality lighting products; 2) take excellent care of the customers.

SloanLED Distributor - LED solutions

SloanLED company - Worldwide

SloanLED - LEDstripe for buildings

From Alaska to Australia with more than 150 employees, SloanLED continues to upgrade. Big part of the company’s success is hidden in the exceptionally good research and development department. There the employees have the ability to test hundreds of innovative ideas. Thus, in 2004 SloanLED issued a patent to LEDStripe® series, and in 2013 year they issued another patent – to outdoor lighting – Pole Mount Light.

SloanLED Distributor - LED solutions

SloanLED Distributor

Partners Ltd. is a distributor of SloanLED company ‘ s products. The company offers a wide range of LED modules, numerous LED lighting systems, different types of powerful LED suppliers from 25W to 150W, and LED border tubings in different colors.

All of these LED solutions are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications for signage, channel letters, gas station lighting systems, border tubing, and many others.

SloanLED - LED technologies
SloanLED during the years


Company founded by Charles Sloan


Pioneers in LED technology


SloanLED introduces Constant Current technology


Patent to LEDStripe®


15,240,000 meters of SloanLED product sold


Patent to Pole Mount Light
SloanLED Distributor - LED solutions

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As an authorized distributor of SloanLED for Bulgaria, Partners Ltd. offers a wide range of LED products for illumination of advertising installations such as signs, channel letters, totems, and many more.