SloanLED PML3 Paladin 30W – LED lamp for area lighting

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LED lamp designed with power supply inside. Specialized for area lighting – parking areas and along the property perimeter, entrances, street lighting. 30W wattages/output. Guarantees optimal light distribution for perimeter and center lot applications at any pole height. With high level water protection and energy efficiency.

10 Year Warranty for LED Lamps


SloanLED PML3 Paladin - Certificates

SloanLED PML3 Paladin 30W increases visibility at entrances, in the parking area, and along the property perimeter

SloanLED Pole-Mount Light 3 Paladin (PML3) are designed to replace up to 400W HID fixtures mounted on poles and walls in parking and street areas. These LED lighting systems save up to 80% energy compared with typical HID fixtures. Designed for fast, easy installation on square or round poles and walls in parking areas. PML3 Paladin can be mounted without further processing is needed.

With self-contained fixture design, PML3 Paladin body contains both the light engine and power supply inside – for fast, easy, one-person installation and maintenance. Optics in Type III and Type V distribution patterns ensure optimal distribution for perimeter and center lot applications at any pole height.

PML3 Paladin is suitable for outdoor area lighting: parking lots, streets, pedestrian areas creating perfect illumination and a safe, inviting area=with an increased sense of security. They are available in full family of wattages/output, from 30W to 200W, providing the ideal solution for area lighting needs, regardless of project scale.

SloanLED PML3 Paladin lamps have high weather and impact proof durability for years of reliable service.

The high-quality LED modules and lamps manufactured by SloanLED provide bright and even illumination.

With a 10-year warranty and a life rating of 70 000 hours (L70 ).

Main characteristics:

  • for area lighting: parking areas, street lighting, and along the property areas illumination
  • fast and easy installation
  • saves up to 80% energy compared with typical HID fixtures
  • fixture body can be safely and easily removed from base for ease of serviceability
  • high efficiancy
  • warranty – 10 years
  • durable die cast aluminum body
  • slipfitter construction allow incremental adjustments 15° up and down

SloanLED PML3 Paladin 30W Specifications


System efficacy 122 lm/W
Input voltage 100-240 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Color temperature (CCT) 5000 K
Light output (nominal) 3,901 Lm
Color rendering (CRI) >75


Ingress protection IP66
Operating temperature -35° to 50°C
Life rating 70,000 hours(L70)


Data sheet, Install guide and Brochure for LED lamp SloanLED PML3 Paladin 30W.

Data sheet

SloanLED PML3 Paladin - PDF Datasheet

Install Guide 1

SloanLED PML3 Paladin - PDF Install Guide Small Pole Mount


SloanLED LED solutions PDF - Product brochure

Additional information

Colour temperature (nominal)



10 years




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