OLFA Corporation

At a first glance, a childish idea that grew to a best selling product. For over half a century OLFA® are innovators and leaders in the design, development, and manufacture of snap-off blades and knives for both home and industrial uses.

OLFA® revolution

OLFA® – translated from Japanese – bend/break blade was founded in 1956 by Yoshio Okada in Osaka, Japan.

He was strongly impressed by how a chocolate bar breaks piece by piece. That inspired him to create the basis for the snap-off blade knife. A blade that easily breaks and is being replaced by a completely new one.

From there on, the company began the manufacturing of the first steel snap-off blade knives (1956) that established a well deserved leading position on the market. It wasn’t long before they introduced another remarkable product – the first rotary knife (1979). For OLFA manufacturer that was just the beginning.

Yoshio Okada - founder of OLFA
First OLFA Snap-Off Blade Knife

The first snap-off blade knife (1956)

First OLFA Rotary Knife - първият ротационен нож

The first rotary knife (1976)

OLFA® today

Partners Ltd. is an official distributor of OLFA®. The company offers a wide range of knives and accessories such as snap-off blade knives for different applications, rotary knives, numerous blades, cutting mats, rulers, and many other.

OLFA - the originator since 1956

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Partners Ltd. offers a wide range of OLFA products for cutting different types of material such as aluminum, plastic, wood, nylon, film, and many more.