OLFA XH 1 Ultra Heavy, 25 mm knife

12.72 (price with VAT)

High-quality snap-off blade knife. Designed for cutting film, cardboard, plexiglas, leather, and other materials.


OLFA Ultra Heavy - reliable snap-off blade knife

Ultra Heavy (OLFA XH 1) is a snap-off blade knife with strong and reliable handle, that resists acetone, acids, and pressure. Recommended for concrete work. Designed with auto-lock system. Backed in GS mark – security certificate.

Spare blades: OLFA HB 5B, OLFA HB 20, OLFA HBB 5B.


  • films
  • forex
  • plexiglas
  • leather
  • cardboard
  • paper
  • fiberglass
  • acetate fabric

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