Spike for tablets – a smart measurement laser device

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Spike is smart laser device for measuring objects from a safe distance – from 2 to 200 meters. Accuracy of the measurements is ± 5 cm. Transforms your smartphone or tablet into powerful measurement device for heights, areas, distances, and GPS locations.


Spike for tablets - a laser device for measuring objects from a distance

Spike device workflowThe Spike for tablets model comes with high-strength bonding tape for attaching it to tablet case.

Spike is smart laser device for measuring objects from a safe distance (from 2 to 200 meters) for professional use. The Spike laser device pairs with your tablets (smartphones) via Bluetooth, working together with its camera, GPS, compass, and Internet connection. The device can be used with both Apple iOS and Google Android tablets and smartphones.

Spike for tablets / smartphones allows you easy and fast measuring and locating an object only by taking a photo with your smartphone or tablet, paired with Spike. From that photo, you can get real-time measurements such as areas, elevations, GPS location and distances between two points. The convenience to use Spike device save valuable time and money, especially for professionals which daily work is closely related with measuring objects.

With Spike you can measure hard-to-reach objects without using additional equipment, labor or tools. All it takes is one person to capture all the measurements by taking photos with his tablet / smartphone connected with Spike. And all these from a safe location and distance.

See Spike device for smartphones

Spike laser device is offered in three mounting options, including model for smartphones. It has the same capabilities as the Spike for tablets.
Spike device for tablets

Photos can be measured using the Spike mobile app or Spike Cloud, so you can access the photos at any time you want to remeasure. This way there is no need to return to the location to measure again. Spike Cloud allows you to view, measure, share and export Spike photos and measurements. You can use all these functionalities of the Cloud from your computer or laptop too. Measurements are stored with the photo and can be shared as a PDF, JPG, KMZ, HTML (only for Android devices), or Spike File (XML). Photo measurements can be used and edited in engineering, design and architecture, construction, and GIS software programs.

Spike for tablets (smartphones) is a smart laser measurement solution for all types of industries and professional use as Sign and Graphics, Architecture, GIS, Windows and door production, Vehicle Wrap Graphic measurements.

Video: Take measurements of Sign and Graphics with Spike - Gordon Sign experience

Video: How to align the Spike laser with the camera of your Smartphone or Tablet?

Main characteristics:

  • brings new functionality to your smartphone or table
  • for measuring objects from a distance between 2-200 meters
  • capture real-time measurements by taking photo directly with your smartphone or tablet
  • easy and convenient to use laser measurement device
  • no need additional equipment, labor or tools
  • pairs with your smartphone / tablet via Bluetooth

Spike specifications - a laser measurement device

Category Details
Device and OS Apple iOS and Google Android smartphones and tablets. See here the list of recommended devices (smartphones and tablets).
Connectivity BLUETOOTH 4.0 Low Energy
Range Eye safe laser supports distance from 2 to 200 meters
Accuracy Laser distance accuracy is ± 5cm; Photo Measure accuracy is ± 1%; Point-to-Point Measurement accuracy is ± 3%
Units Feet + Inches, Inches, Meters, Centimeters
Battery Internal Li-ion Battery. Battery life is 4 hours of continuous use.
Size (h x w x d) 82 mm x 72 mm x 42 mm
Weight 80 grams
Output Formats PDF, JPG, Scaled Image, Spike File (XML), KMZ, URL


See User Manual and Icon Guide for Spike device.

User Manual

User manual of Spike device

Icon Guide

Spike Icon guide EN

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