SloanLED Vista 30/12 – Dimmable LED lighting

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Dimmable LED lighting – SloanLED Vista 40W, specifically designed to replace the regular fluorescent lamps. Recommended for offices, medical centers, hospitals, retails shops, university buildings, etc.

5 Year Warranty for LED Modules


SloanLED Vista 40W - dimmable LED lighting

Office LED lighting – SloanLED Vista 40W are specifically designed to replace fluorescent lamps. Designed for offices, retail shops, medical centers, hospitals, university buildings, and others. These LED lighting systems save up to 50% of energy compared to all regular fluorescent lamps. Easy to install, do not require any additional maintenance. They provide an edge to edge illumination and glare-free diffuser for bright interior illumination. The dimming LED lights allow you to adjust your light source. In the standard 1-10V range, multiple drivers control the intensity of the light emission. Highly durable, their panel does not crack or turn yellow as time passes. Perfect for rooms with low ceilings.

SloanLED Vista lamps are designed only for interior use.

The high-quality LED modules and lamps manufactured by SloanLED provide bright and even illumination.

With 5-year warranty – 60 000(L70 ) life rating.

SloanLED Vista - office LED lighting

Main characteristics:

  • minimizes the glare
  • saves up to 50% of the energy
  • for interior use
  • highly durable
  • for offices, medical centers, retail shops, etc.
  • 5 year warranty

SloanLED Vista 40W specifications


Size 40W
System efficacy 125 lm/W
Input voltage 220-230 VAC, 50-60 Hz


Color temperature 4000 K
Light output 5000 Lm
CRI 80


Ingress protection IP40
Operating temperature -20° to 40°C
Life rating 60,000 hours(L70)


Product bulletin, install guide, and product brochure for LED lamps SloanLED Vista 40W.

Product bulletin

SloanLED Vista - Product brochure PDF

Install guide

SloanLED Vista Install guide PDF

Product brochure

SloanLED LED solutions PDF - Product brochure

Product catalog

SloanLED Prism - Product brochure PDF

Accessories for SloanLED Vista 30/12

Vista Battery Backup 8W  €140,40 with VAT
Vista Suspension Kit  €9,60 with VAT
Vista 1,5 m Cord + Wieland Plug for EU  €18,00 with VAT
Vista Surface Mount Box  €32,40 with VAT

For more information and purchase orders, please, contact our sales representatives.

Additional information

Colour temperature (nominal)



5 years




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