3M Scotchcal 50 – gloss colors

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Polymeric, calendered, self-adhesive PVC Film, designed for application on flat and slightly curved surfaces. Suitable for application on windows, showcases, cars and non-illuminated signs.

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3M Scotchcal 50 gloss colors

3M Scotchcal 50 – polymeric, calendered, self-adhesive PVC Film, designed for application on flat and slightly curved surfaces. Electrocut films for intermediate term affordable solutions for quality graphics and signs backed by 3M™ MCS™ Warranty.

These opaque graphics films are ideal for non-illuminated, screen printed or electronically cut graphics, logos, emblems, lettering and labels for signs, vehicles and windows.

For applications requiring high quality and medium-term period of usage outdoors and indoors.

3M MCS Warranty

Main characteristics:

  • for application on flat and slightly curved surfaces
  • clear, acrylic, semi-permanent adhesive
  • 52 colors
  • Durability – 6 years

Color comparison with the Pantone scale

3М Scotchcal 50
Pantone Orange 7567 C50-917 Dark Sahara
Pantone 102 C50-24 Lemon Yellow
Pantone 1375 C50-28 Apricot
Pantone Bright Orange C50-32 Orange
Pantone Orange 021 C50-34 Bright Orange
Pantone 485 C50-42 Bright Red
Pantone 202 C50-486 Deep Red
Pantone 211 C50-62 Light Magenta
Pantone 214 C50-64 Pink
Pantone 7488 C50-72 Light Green
Pantone 361 C50-73 Grass Green
Pantone 340 C50-74 Green
Pantone 355 C50-745 Bright Green
Pantone 3415 C50-76 Medium Green
Pantone 7484 C50-78 Dark Green
Pantone 333 C50-792 Aqua
Pantone 2945 C50-862 Vivid Blue
Pantone 2736 C50-87 Brilliant Blue
Pantone 287 C50-88 Sapphire Blue
Pantone 288 C50-884 Marine Blue
Pantone 648 C50-90 Deep Navy Blue
Pantone 289 C50-905 Insigna Blue
Pantone 7568 C50-918 Medium Brown
Pantone 7596 C50-92 Brown
Pantone 420 C50-93 Grey White
Pantone 7540 C50-97 Nimbus Grey
Pantone 186 C50-473 Cardinal Red

Additional information





Roll size

1,22m x 50m

Thickness films

75 microns


6 years




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