Application tapes for additional aid during film application. They allow you to easily transfer small elements and details. Recommended for different types of films such as window, opaque, translucent, and others.

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3M IAT Intermediate application tape

3M IAT Intermediate Prespacing Tape

3M IAT Application Paper Tape is designed with medium adhesive strength of the adhesive towards the film. It is recommended for usage with electrocut from series: SC30, SC50, SC2330, SC5525.

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3M SCPM-100 Prespasing Tape

3M Prespasing Tape SCPS-100

Application Paper Transfer Tape with high adhesive strength to the film. It is recommended for usage with “thinner” cast films from series SC80, SC100, SC7725, SC3630. Used also with graphics with very small elements or small letters.

3M SCPS-2 Prespacing Tape, transfer paper tape

3M Prespasing Tape SCPS-2

Application Paper Tape with extremely high adhesive strength to the film. Used with graphics with glass decoration films from series SC7725, SC7755. Also for graphics from cast films SC80, SC100, SC3630, as well as for application of extremely small elements and small letters.