PVC Foam Board sheet 8mm, white

23.62 - 28.71 / m2 (price with VAT)

PVC Foam Board Sheets – white, 8 mm thick. Measurements of the sheet – 205×305 cm. Can be ordered by piece as well – 28.71 EURO/m2 with VAT.
The selected sheet size can be additionally cutted according to the customer’s size. Additional price for cutting – 1 EURO/m

Additional packaging fee of 7.80 EUR will be applied

The product is only available in stores in Plovdiv and Varna.

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Foam core PVC sheets - 8 mm thick

PVC Foam core Board – smooth, lightweight and durable material which can be easily processed. It has good acid and alkalis resistance, water resistance and atmospheric impacts stability. Foam core board sheets are suitable for all signage needs – manufacturing of signs, POS displays, exhibition stands, advertising panels, as a backing of channel letters, and more.

The „foamed“ structure of PVC sheets ensures lower density, respectively, the material is lighter. So the white plastic sheets are easy to work and mount and many industries prefer to use them in the manufacturing.The structure has no influence on the surface and the strength of the material, so the Foam PVC is smooth and sturdy.

Main characteristics:

  • no light transmission
  • extremely lightweight
  • hard and smooth surface
  • suitable for direct UV printing
  • can be painted
  • easy processing – cutting, bending, drilling, laminating, bonding, and more
  • for advertising panels, POS/POP displays, exhibition stands, and other signage applications
  • difficult-to-ignite material
  • UV resistant

Additional information

Thickness (mm)

8,0 mm

Color variations



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