Clear PMMA 4mm Plazcryl

30.68 - 36.81 / m2 (price with VAT)

Clear PMMA (optically transparent) – 4mm thick. Measurements of the sheet – 205×305 cm. Can be ordered by piece as well – 36.81 EURO/m2 with VAT. Manufactured by Plazit.
The selected sheet size can be additionally cutted according to the customer’s size. Additional price for cutting – 1 EURO/m

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Plazcryl Plexiglas Certificates

Clear PMMA - optically transparent

Plazcryl are one of the leaders in the manufacturing of thermoplastic sheets and profiles. Their innovative and efficient designs have been on the market for over 40 years.

Clear PMMA (optically transparent plexiglas sheets) – 4mm thick. Designed for all types of illuminated and non-illuminated signage such as: signs, channel letters, advertising totems, and others.

Main characteristics:

  • high light transmission
  • half weight of glass
  • bright and hard surface
  • excellent color stability
  • proved weather and UV rays resistance
  • easily glue bonded
  • easily thermoformed, polished, and reshaped
  • cold curving capability
  • no carcinogenic or hazardous substances
  • no toxic fumes emitted in fire
  • 100% recyclable
  • durability – 10 years

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Thickness (mm)

4,0 mm

Technology plexiglas





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