G.O.Q. 3 LED 5630 Warm White 3000K

1.27 (price with VAT)

Warm white, high quality LED modules with Samsung LED chip 5630 inside. Both for flex and duplex light box illumination, also for normal size channel letters. With an angle of view – 150°. Made with the latest generation of Cap type lenses. Humid and waterproof protection – IP68.

Angle150 degrees, 3 years warranty of LED module with Samsung LED chip


G.O.Q LED modules certificates

G.O.Q. 3 LED 5630 Warm White 3000K - soft light modules

G.O.Q. 3 LED 5630 Warm White are high-quality G.O.Q. LED modules for illuminated signs and channel letters – CE, UL, RoHS certified. Made in Korea, with Samsund LED chip 5630 that guarantees perfect bright light at viewing angle of 150º. These LED modules are fabricated with a CAP type optical lens.

G.O.Q. LED modules and lamps are easy to install and do not need any maintenance. Can be used for normal size channel letters, flex and duplex light box illumination.

Design for humid and waterproof applications, with high protection – IP68.

Maximum 50 LED modules in one circuit.

Main characteristics:

  • for flex and duplex light box illumination
  • for normal size channel letters
  • new generation Cap type lens
  • Samsung LED chip 5630 inside
  • viewing angle 150°
  • warranty – 3 years


G.O.Q. 3 LED 5630 White - Technical Bulletin

Product Bulletin with technical characteristics of led modules G.O.Q. 3 LED 5630 Warm White 3000K.

G.O.Q. 3 LED 5630 Led modules schema

Additional information

Operation Voltage


Power per module/unit


Dimensions (l x w x h)

66mm х 15mm х 8.5mm



Working Temperature

from -30° to +85°C



Viewing Angle


Luminous Flux(lm)





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