3M 7959 MPL – Double sided adhesive sheets

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3M 7959 MPL double-sided adhesive sheets have high temperature resistance and are an excellent choice for bonding plastics, glass, metal, wood, PVC, Plexiglas, PET, polycarbonate, polyester and ABS.


3M 7959 MPL – Double sided adhesive sheets

Двустранно лепящи листове 3M 7955 MPL – лепило на лист

3M 7959 MPL is a dry acrylic adhesive 200MP formed as sheets with dimensions of 61cm (width)/ 91.4cm (height). Bond to high surface energy materials and provides long-term durability for bonded metals, plastics, polyester, glass, polycarbonate, ABS and so on. 3M double-sided adhesive sheets have no expansion during temperature changes. 3M Membrane Spacer 7959MP is designed for manufacturing of flexible tactile keyboards and electronic displays. It is because 3M 7959MP has a fixed adhesive thickness.

Double-sided sheets 7959 MP have a polyester film carrier that is excellent dielectric. It is moisture resistant so no folds are guaranteed. They are perfect for bonding electronic displays and mobile phone displays.

Using 3M double-sided sheets (membrane switch spacers), you can quickly make each product become self-adhesive. It is very convenient for customers. The thickness of bonding across the whole width of the materials is guaranteed. Thus the products do not change their appearance and their bond strength.

Bonds a wide range of materials:

  • plastics
  • glass
  • metal
  • wood
  • polyester
  • ABS
  • polycarbonate
  • others


  • Pressure resistance
  • High temperature resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Does not fold from water
  • Clear adhesive with no impurities
  • Solvent resistance
  • Used as a dielectric

Bonding technique:

Before bonding use isopropyl alcohol mixture to clean the surfaces. After that let them to dry out. Bond at temperatures in range of 21°C to 38°C to have good adhesion. It is not recommended to bond at temperatures under 10°C. When you work with chemicals, take precautions.

Additional information

Sheet size

610mm x 914mm

Thickness (mm)

0,10 mm

Adhesive color


Materials to apply

ABS, Ceramics, Glass, Metal, Nylon, Painted metal, PET, Plexiglass, Polycarbonate, PVC, Stone, Wood

Working Temperature

from -40°C to +149°C




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