Aluminum profile ALURAPID 80 mm – colors /on request/

8.23 / lin. m (price with VAT)

Aluminum band for manufacturing of channel letters with or without illumination, from 80 cm up to 2 meters height. It is used as a bearing element of the letter, serving as its sides edging. Aluminum system ALURAPID is designed for channel letters with plexiglass (acrylic) face .

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Aluminum band for production of channel letters - 80 mm width

* Minimum quantity in one order – 5 lin. meters. Aluminum band can be ordered in lengths multiples of 5.

Aluminum profiles ALURAPID are manufactured from aluminum band with 0.5 mm thickness. They are painted in RAL system colors 40% matt and 60% gloss coverage. Profiles have a thin film that protects them from scratches during manufacturing process.

Standard widths of aluminum profiles ALURAPID are: 30 mm, 60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120 mm, 140 mm, 167 mm and 217 mm. They are designed especially for channel letter manufacturing with or without illumination, and face of plexiglass. Aluminum profiles allow to produce letters from 80 cm up to 2 meters.

Aluminum profiles has a pasted acrylic stripe to which the front side of the channel letter be assembled. It is for easier bonding with the face material. On the other side of the profile where is back of the channel letter there is a waterproof sponge. It provides protection from moisture and dust and isolates the letter. Estimated life of the 3D forms made with aluminum profile system ALURAPID is up to 10 years.

ALURAPID profile for channel letters - scheme

Main characteristics:

  • for illuminated or not-illuminated channel letters
  • for channel letters with acrylic face
  • from 80 cm up to 2 meters height letters
  • scratch protection with a thin film
  • colors RAL system
  • special design for maximum protection of light installation
  • acrylic layer for easier bonding of the plexiglass face
  • durability – 10 years

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10 years


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