SloanLED LEDStripe® Red – LED Tubes

46.23 / L.m (price with VAT)

LEDStripe® – high quality red LED tubes for buildings. With imported LEDs for better illumination and high durability. Designed for gas stations, hotels, restaurants, and others.

5 Year Warranty for LED Modules

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LEDStripe Certificates

SloanLED LEDStripe® Red LED tubes for buildings

LEDStripe® is neon inspired LED based tube for buildings. The neon technology that we have become used to turned out to be unreliable and led to the risk factors (such as fire).

LEDStripe® are with imported LEDs for better illumination and high durability. The low working voltage (24W) insures no sparks, which happens to be the most frequent met hazard with neon lighting with alternating voltage of 10000V.

For 20 years LEDStripe® add elegance and distinction to buildings worldwide. This LED based patented system is designed for malls, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and many others.

Included accessories:

  • Field cut acrylic end caps: 1pcs./4 modules
  • Section-to-section-covers: 1pcs./4 modules
  • Mounting buttons: 3pcs/0,63m;3pcs/1,24m;4pcs/1,86m;5pcs/2,47m
  • Caps adhesive: 1pcs./module (for 25 caps)


Product bulletin, install guide, and product guide of LED tubes LEDStripe®.

Product bulletin

SloanLED LEDStripe PDF Product bulletin

Install guide

SloanLED LEDStripe PDF Install guide

Product brochure

SloanLED LEDStripe PDF Product brochure

Additional information

Operation Voltage


Power per module/unit


Dimensions (l x w x h)

0.63/1.24/1.86/2.47m x 25mm x 43mm



Working Temperature

from -40° to +70°C




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