3M Car Wrap Film 1080-DM12 – black matte

25.80 - 28.39 / sq m (price with VAT)

High quality cast vinyl films designed to wrap cars and other vehicles. Suitable for flat, simple curves and 3D compound curves. They guarantee high reliability of the installations even in the most unprotected parts of the vehicle, such as the front hood and bumpers.

up to 3 m2 above 3 m2
28.39 EUR / m2 25.80 EUR / m2
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3M 1080-DM Dead Matte Black - a matte film for car tuning

High quality cast vinyl 3M car wrap films.

The matte black film 3M 1080-DM12 has a perfect matte finish.

3M 1080 film series is specially designed for full and detail car wrapping.  Guarantees high reliability of the installation even in the most unprotected parts of the vehicle, such as the front hood and bumpers. Designed with Comply™ and Controltac™ technologies for fast, easy, and bubble-free installations on surfaces with complex 3D curves. With wide temperature range after application from -60 to +107 °C. Resists mild alkalis, mild acids, and salt, water and occasional fuel spills.

The rich color palette of 3M 1080 Car Wrap Films allows to create unique look of the vehicles.

Roll size: 1,52m х 25m

Thickness: 90 mic

Main characteristics:

  • a cast film designed for full car wrapping
  • repositionable adhesive system
  • Comply™ и Controltac™ technologies for easy and bubble-free installation
  • wide temperature range from -60 to +107°C
  • resists mild alkalis, mild acids and salt, water and occasional fuel spills
  • durability – 7 years


Product Bulletin, Install Guide, and Catalogue of 3M Wrap Film Series 1080.

Product Bulletin

Product Bulletin 3M 1080 Wrap Films

Install guide

3M Wrap Film 1080 series - isntall guide

1080 Catalogue

3M 1080 Wrap film series sellsheet with all available colors

Videos: Take a closer look at full wrapped car with Dead Matte Black

3M™ Wrap Film Series 1080-DM12 Dead Matte Black

Additional information





Roll size

1,52m x 25m

Thickness films

90 mic


7 years




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