3M VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film

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Virtually clear, paint protection film that helps to protect car paint from stone ships, scratches, greases, tar stains. Both for full and detail wrapping. Suitable for bumper covers, side mirrors, handles, headlights, bonnet, door edges and more.

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A virtually clear 3M paint protection film - 3M VentureShield™

3M VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film is virtually clear, polyurethane film designed to protect car paint from damaging road elements. It eliminates stone and sand scratches, grease and tar stains, atmospheric impacts. 3M VentureShield™ can be applied on the whole car surface (full wrap) or on the most vulnerable details: bumpers, side mirrors, hoods, door edges and handles, bonnet, headlights, and more. It is durable and strength, creating a high resistant protective layer on the car surface. Does not change its clarity over time.

3M Paint Protection Film has a high quality acrylic adhesive that speeds up the film installation. Also can be removed safely without harming the car paint. It is suitable for all types of vehicles, such as cars, motorcycles, ATV, boats, jeeps and more. VentureShield™ film can be combined with 3M Car Wrap Films for long-lasting and effect vehicle’s look.

Roll width: 0,61m / 1,22m / 1,52m

Thickness: 163 mic

Main characteristics:

  • virtually clear, does not change the car color
  • available in wide width roll size allows whole vehicle coverage
  • protects car paint  from scratches
  • suitable for detail car wrapping
  • for vulnerable areas of the car: bumpers, bonnet, hoods, handles
  • protects painted surfaces from tar and grease stains


Product data sheet of  3M VentureShield™ Paint Protection Film.

Data sheet

3M Ventureshield - data sheet
3M Ventureshield on most vulnerable parts of the car

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163 mic




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